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New Features Presentation

- Overview of new features in TerraScan, TerraMatch and TerraPhoto since 03/2021.
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TerraScan new features PDF

TerraPhoto new features PDF

TerraMatch new features PDF
Terrasolid software licensing

- license types (network, node-locked licenses)
- ability to share the license between different users
- to launch the macros and use another PC to process the data (via TerraSlave)
- licensing in MicroStation and Spatix CAD platform, etc.
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MLS data processing - Project Setup
Data: Trimble MX50 scanner system

- Coordinate system setup
- Data import (trajectory and laser data)
- Time stamp matching between laser data and trajectory
- Deducing line numbers to points
- Available tools to split trajectory
- Organizing data into smaller regions
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Using Agisoft Confidence

Demo showing how to read in Confidence values from Agisoft MetaShape and how to use those in processing and classifying a photogrammetric point cloud.
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Elevation model production in TerraScan and TerraModeler

Capabilities of the software for creating and editing surface information. Demonstration of data export as elevation profile and in continuous surface model (DEM).
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UAV LiDAR data Matching

Demonstration of different types of matching procedures on UAV LiDAR data.
- Boresight calibration
- Flightline adjustment
- Control point adjustment
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Large scale project management

Possible ways to design blocks for the project:
- Design block boundaries
- use prepared shape with blocks and naming
- create along the centerline
- create along tower string
- use the trajectory for block creation
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Moving object detection from MLS data
Data: Trimble MX50 scanner system

Moving objects workflow includes demo how to clean your MLS data from moving objects above the street/road using automatic macro steps in TerraScan.
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TerraStereo group editing tools View recording
TerraPhoto - Nadir and Oblique images combination

How Nadir and Oblique images can be used in TerraPhoto and what are possible use cases.
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Vectorizing Road Paint Markings

Demo showing new tools for vectorizing known shape paint markings such as turn arrows on the roads/streets.
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Powerline extraction and danger object detection with TerraScan

Wire vectorization and classification with both automatic and manual tools. Detection of trees nearby powerline wires. Exporting obtained information to QGIS.
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Feature extraction and end-products using DJI L1 data

- digital surface model production
- building vectorization
- volume computation
- export location of objects
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Tunnel data processing from high end mobile scanner
Data: Riegl VMX-1HA mobile scanner

Demo on how to classify tunnel floor, tunnel roof, tunnel walls, pipes and other structures.
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Creating 3D building models
Step by step presentation of 3D City model creation process

- point cloud classification
- classification review
- building vectorization
- setting up TerraPhoto Mission for building textures
- editing building models
- texturing building models
- creating presentation video
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Tree detection in TerraScan

Extract individual trees automatically from a point cloud with grouping. Refine groups with manual editing tools. Extract information of individual trees to a file.
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DJI L1 Point Cloud Processing

Demo covers steps for data import, ground and above ground features classification.
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Introduction to new scripting interface in Terrasolid applications
Introduction to new scripting interface in TerraScan, TerraPhoto, TerraMatch and TerraModeler

This interface allows you to drive application functionality using Visual Basic or another programming tool.
Your code sends keyin commands which can start actions and set dialog input variables to automate common operations.
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New features in SPATIX version 022.001 View recording
Basics of UAV LiDAR processing2 hour 18 minRegister
DJI L1 Point Cloud Processing1 hour 37 minRegister
How to solve mismatch of UAV data1 hour 25 minRegister
Introduction into TerraPhoto with ALS data and orthomosaic production1 hour 11 minRegister
Basics of Airborne LiDAR processing1 hour 40 minRegister
Basic MLS matching on Spatix platform2 hours 22 minRegister
3D Building Vectorization using Footprints1 hour 51 minRegister
Checking and Editing 3D Building Vector Models1 hour 55 minRegister
Road end products from MLS data1 hour 30 minRegister
Comparing Road Surface with Design20 minRegister
Photogrammetric point cloud processing1 hour 8 minRegister
Basics of Mobile LiDAR processing Project setup2 hours 41 minRegister

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