Other Terrasolid products

We develop software for processing airborne and mobile LiDAR data and images. Most of the applications are built on top of Bentley software. We offer full and light versions of software products which can be combined in packages tailored for your specific working requirements.


Using Data from Total Stations and GPS Devices

TerraSurvey handles data from field surveying with total stations and GPS. It reads-in survey data from text files and creates a survey drawing as 3D design file. It automatically recognizes several survey data formats that are produced for example by Trimble, Leica, or Sokkia surveying instruments. By defining your own file format, you can read-in practically any files, which are organized in columns and contain coordinate or angle values.

For processing the survey data in TerraSurvey, each survey point is assigned a feature code, which identifies the surveyed object, for example a tree, a manhole cover, an elevation point, or points along a road center line. The graphical display for each object is defined by one or more drawing rules. Several options for displaying the data in list or table views help the user to do modifications or fix errors in the data.

TerraSurvey is a useful addition to TerraModeler for creating TINs from survey elements. An optional sub-code for each survey element is used by TerraModeler for automatically recognizing the modelling information for this element and determines whether it is included into the terrain model as a random point, breakline or not at all.

If you use TerraSurvey in combination with TerraPhoto and TerraScan you can improve the absolute accuracy of image positions in an image list by using ground control points from TerraSurvey. You can also assign feature codes to vectorized objects such as power line wires or road break lines, which have been vectorized or digitized in TerraScan.

All together TerraSurvey is a drawing tool for feature coded survey data and, in combination with TerraScan and TerraModeler, it enables the use of such survey data for terrain modelling and other mapping tasks.

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TerraStreet and TerraStreet Lite - Designing Roads

TerraStreet is a planning and designing software for roads and streets. It needs to be accompanied by TerraModeler in order to model the surrounding terrain. Roads are designed by using horizontal and vertical line components, such as straight lines, circular arcs, clothoids or combinations thereof. The geometrical components are automatically included as 3D breaklines in a road surface model. The software enables the display of the road model in 3D views and 2D maps, as well as the creation of cross sections, tables and lists.

TerraStreet supports the import of survey data from Trimble, Sokkia and Leica instruments, as well as the definition of various ascii formats for reading-in survey data. The software is integrated with other Terrasolid products and several MicroStation versions. So, you may use input data from TerraSurvey or TerraScan, utilize TerraModeler for mass calculations and visualizations, or include water drainage data from TerraPipe.

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Designing pipelines underground

TerraPipe is a 3D designing software for underground pipelines, such as water and sewer lines. It needs to be accompanied by TerraModeler in order to model the terrain. TerraPipe offers tools for reading-in survey data and generating pipe networks as 3D design file elements, for designing, modifying and deleting pipe network elements and for the generation of maps, profiles and text reports. It saves the data in an own binary format or directly to a TerraPipeNet database.

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Managing water and sewer pipe lines

Available in Finnish language only. TerraPipeNet is a management software for water and sewer pipe line networks. All the information for the pipeline network such as location, attributes of elements, fault reports and maintenance events can be stored into a database connected to TerraPipeNet. The software supports several databases such as Microsoft Access, Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server. The data can be viewed, added or modified via an Internet connection which makes network maintenance and updates flexible for field and office workers. Systematic follow-up and versatile reporting capabilities ensure a fast response to detected faults and an economic way to optimize renovation of networks. The information from the database can be transfered directly to TerraPipe for designing purposes.

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Designing gas pipe networks

TerraGas is a software for designing gas pipe networks in 3D.

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Designing pipes and networks in 3D for a district heating system

Available in Finnish language only. TerraHeat is a software for designing pipes and networks in 3D for a district heating system.

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Mapping Soil Layers

Available in Finnish language only. TerraBore is a software for registering soil layer data into a database, editing the data and visualizing it in a map or cross-section view. With TerraModeler this data can be turned into a 3D model of soil layers.

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