Point cloud processing basics

Following these training videos you will get basic knowledge of TerraScan application


Get started with Terrasolid applications

  • Software installation
  • Launching applications
  • Working with coordinate system
  • Reading points
Get to know TerraScanSoftware installationLaunching applicationsIntroduction to coordinate systems and projections in Terrasolid applicationsReading points into TerraScan


Working with point clouds

  • TerraScan Display modes
  • TerraScan View laser toolbox
  • Ground classification
  • Classifying point clouds
  • Creating macros
  • Using Ground Control Points
  • Adding Synthetic Points
TerraScan Display modesTerraScan View laserGround classificationHow to define GCP signal markers in TerraScanAdding Synthetic Points using TerraScan


Working with huge amount of data with projects

  • Working with trajectories
  • Project setup from map tiles
  • Project setup from trajectory
  • Modifying project blocks
  • Point cloud format conversions
  • Running macros in projects
Project setup from laser point cloud tilesOrganizing project data using trajectoriesLarge scale project management with different data types

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