TerraStereo is a stand-along application for visualizing very large point clouds. It uses high-performance graphics boards for rendering huge amounts of points fast and in high quality.

Interactive group selecting and editing tool of TerraStereo. Cleaning the reflection artifacts from terrestrial LiDAR data. View full webinar from here.

The software enables you to:

  • Visualize up to 50 billion points that are organized in a TerraScan project
  • Perform visual analysis and quality check in both, small- and large-scale displays
  • Navigate through the point cloud freely or based on TerraScan trajectory files
  • Create animations
  • View laser data in stereo mode and create stereo screen captures
  • Combine different visualization channels to improve the perceptibility of objects in the point cloud
  • Switch point classes on/off
  • Apply elevation exaggeration to the point cloud for specific analysis tasks
  • Measure distances within the point cloud
  • Digitize line vector elements and export them to TerraSurvey
Easily change between different display channels and point rendering modes:
    • elevation, intensity and class coloring
    • color by RGB values
    • shaded surface display
    • point density coloring
    • TerraZ rendering method for masking foreground objects
    • different quality levels for point rendering


Urban planning | Architectural and historical site viewing and documentation | Asset visualization | Virtual reality | Marketing | Digital Twin Visualization | Fly-through animations | etc.

Hardware requirements and recommendations

There are some specific hardware requirements and recommendations in order to run TerraStereo in a proper way:

  • minimum of 4 real processor cores, more than 4 are recommended
  • > 16 GB of RAM
  • > 8 GB of GPU memory recommended
  • display device that supports quad-buffered stereo display (for stereo viewing)
    • stereo display or projector using DisplayPort or Dual-DVI connection (not HDMI)
    • (optionally) active or passive stereo glasses

TerraStereo for CAD requires a two-screen passive stereo system with a side monitor (no switching glasses possible).

Display hardware recommendations

GPU board used with TerraStereo must be NVIDIA® CUDA™ Compute Capability 5.2 or higher. In two GPU systems the primary (OpenGL) GPU can be older, if the other designated CUDA™ board meets the specs.

  • Low-cost solution (low performance, mono display only):
    one high-end GeForce® board + standard monitor
  • Basic solution (good performance):
    one high-end Quadro® board for example RTX5000 or more powerful one
  • Recommended solution (best stereo quality and performance):
    PluraView 4k StereoDisplay + TerraStereo workstation (http://www.3d-pluraview.com/en/)

Graphics Boards (SLI is not supported)


Open GL Stereo

TerraStereo for CAD 3 (Passsive dual screen stereo system + side monitor)

nVidia Quadro [M/K/P/RTX] 8000/6000 / 5200 / 5000 / 4200 – or newer



nVidia workstation Geforce GTX or RTX series – only the high-end boards will do here due to the minimum memory recommended

May be possible if a Open GL stereo capable Quadro board is also present in the system – otherwise no.



Workstation GPU Memory
Quadro® P6000 24 GB
Quadro® P5000 16 GB
Laptop GPU Memory
Quadro® P5000 16 GB
Quadro® P4000 8 GB

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Technical description

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If you are working with very large pointclouds, TerraStereo is an excellent tool. It enables the rendering of huge amounts of points quickly and in high quality.


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