Limited time full functional evaluation offer Terrasolid UAV Bundle including TerraScan UAV and TerraModeler UAV. The bundle includes completely new highly automatized Wizard for processing DJI Zenmuse L1 Aerial Surveying system data.

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The industry standard softwarefor point cloud and image processing

Terrasolid is the industry standard software for point clouds and images processing, developed specifically for the demanding requirements of geospatial, engineering, operations and environmental professionals.

Our software suite provides versatile and capable tools to create 3D vector models, feature extractions, orthophotos, terrain representations, advanced point cloud visualizations, etc., no matter the data source, no matter the sensor. The finest tools for calibration and matching of point clouds for LiDAR data are included.

Terrasolid 30+ years industry experience and more than 20 years in LiDAR business ensures that you have access to reliable and versatile software products that can solve problems extensively, both in different application areas and with different types of data.

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Using Agisoft Confidence Value in Classifying Photogrammetric Point Cloud Demo of utilizing confidence value in classifying a point cloud generated by Agisoft Metashape. Confidence value tells how reliable each point in the photogrammetric point cloud is. When used properly, this helps greatly in cleaning out noisier data from places where we better reliability points closeby.28 Oct, 202110:00 EEST1 hour

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How to solve mismatch of UAV data1 hour 25 minRegister
Introduction into TerraPhoto with ALS data and orthomosaic production1 hour 11 minRegister
Basics of Airborne LiDAR processing1 hour 40 minRegister
Basic MLS matching on Spatix platform2 hours 22 minRegister
3D Building Vectorization using Footprints1 hour 51 minRegister
Checking and Editing 3D Building Vector Models1 hour 55 minRegister
Road end products from MLS data1 hour 30 minRegister
Comparing Road Surface with Design20 minRegister
Photogrammetric point cloud processing1 hour 8 minRegister
Basics of Mobile LiDAR processing Project setup2 hours 41 minRegister

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DJI L1 Pistepilviaineiston käsittelyTorstai, 21.10.20219:003hRekisteröidy
DJI L1 Point Cloud ProcessingMon, Oct 25, 202110:00 AM EEST3hRegister
Basics of UAV LiDAR processingThu, Oct 28, 20219:00 AM EEST3hRegister
Basics of ALS processing - Project SetupTue, Nov 9, 20219:00 AM EEST3hRegister
Basics of MLS processing - Project SetupFri, Nov 26, 20217:00 PM EET3hRegister
Positional adjustment of MLS project dataFri, Dec 3, 20217:00 PM EET3hRegister