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Self-paced courses on mobile laser scanning related topics. Hands-on software exercises with course specific data sets.

MLS Project Setup - TerraScan and TerraMatch

  • Data import (trajectories and point cloud)
  • Time stamp correction and trajectory splitting tools
  • Elevation system adjustment
  • Pre-classification between separate laser scanners for point cloud matching tasks
BASIC MLS training - Project Setup - prerecorded trainingMLS data processing - Project Setup - webinar recordingHow to quickly setup mobile project in TerraScan - tutorialOrganizing LiDAR project data using trajectories - tutorial

Matching of drive paths to the ground control points - TerraMatch

  • Automatic tie line search routine on flat ground (without GCPs)
  • Defining signal markers with respect to known XYZ tie points (with GCPs)
  • Searching for additional XYZ control ground tie points/lines in point cloud
  • Correction quality estimation
  • Applying correction to several types of data, such as tie lines, laser data, and trajectories.
Basic MLS matching on Spatix platform - prerecorded training

Automatic XYZ Matching of Mobile drive passes - TerraMatch

  • Automatic collection of paint corner tie lines
  • Automatic XYZ matching of drive passes to each other
XYZ Matching of Mobile drive passes - webinar recording


Processing airborne point cloud data

Processing powerline point cloud data

Processing UAV LiDAR point cloud data

Creating digital twins

Photogrammetric point cloud processing

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