Terrasolid UAVfor DJI L1

The top performance point cloud processing software comes now custom-made for L1. The new Terrasolid UAV is designed to offer top flexibility for different applications over complex and changing environments, preserving the highest quality standards of your L1.

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TerraScan is known to all professionals working with LiDAR data. It is a real multipurpose tool enabling our customers work in both producing the data and getting deliverables for different industries. Deliverables include high quality classified point cloud data or vector data to be used in various engineering and maintenance applications.

With TerraModeler UAV you can create, edit, and visualize surface models (TIN). TerraModeler creates surface models from points in TerraScan UAV. The software offers versatile visualization options including colored shaded surfaces, contour lines, grids, colored triangle nets, elevation texts, slope directions and textured surfaces (in combination with TerraPhoto UAV).

Additional functionality includes the production of contour lines, DSM and DTM models, modification of the TIN, creation of profiles, calculation of volumes, calculation of elevation or volume differences between two surface models, several labeling options as well as other tools for design purposes. Completed with various export options, TerraModeler UAV is a versatile tool for many kinds of design and modeling tasks.

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Download the limited time full functional evaluation offer Terrasolid UAV Bundle from the link below. To download other UAV applications please go to our Software Download center. A license is needed for all of our software.


Technical description

You can read more about the specifications and technical description for each Terrasolid product from User Guides if you want to have a more comprehensive understanding of our individual products.  Each User Guide include also comparison matrix showing the differences between Full, Lite and UAV versions.

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Terrasolid UAV Bundle

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