TerraMatch UAV

TerraMatch UAV is a lighter version of TerraMatch. It is dedicated to users that process only point clouds collected by Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs, also called Drones). UAV systems produce relatively small point clouds from a low altitude. The system is more unstable in the air. Often, less capable/expensive hardware is used which leads to a higher inaccuracy level of the raw data. Therefore, the improvement of the data accuracy by eliminating boresight misalignment and positional inaccuracies caused by a bad trajectory solution plays an important role in the processing workflow. The UAV version of TerraMatch is recommended to be used for processing point clouds up to a few hundred million of points (depends also on hardware conditions).

TerraMatch UAV does not have any project capabilites. Tools can be performed on points loaded in memory but not on project level.


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