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Images pulldown menu

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Images pulldown menu

Commands from the Images pulldown menu are used to create and manage the active list, to start the tie point mode, and to manipulate attributes of the images of the active image list. The commands do always effect the entries of the active image list and not the raw image files.




Load an image list from file(s) on the hard disk

Load list

Compute an image list from trajectory and image timing information

Compute list

Close the current image list

Close list

Save the active image list

Save list

Save the active image list into a new file

Save list As

Define color adjustments for raw images

Define color corrections

Apply a coordinate transformation to image positions

Transform positions

Adjust elevations of images using a geoid model

Adjust to geoid

Compute new orientation angles

Convert angles

Start the automatic computation of feature points

Compute feature points

Start the tie point mode

Define tie points

Adjust image positions using tie points

Adjust positions

Manually add a new image to the image list


Modify information of selected image(s)


Delete selected images from the list

Delete / Selected images

Delete images of a certain camera from the list

Delete / By camera

Delete inactive images from the list

Delete / Inactive images

Delete closeby images from the list

Delete / Closeby images

Delete redundant overlapping images from the list

Delete / Overlapping images

Delete images inside a fence from the list

Delete / Inside fence

Delete images outside a fence from the list

Delete / Outside fence

Delete image outside the ground model from the list

Delete / Outside ground

Delete images which do not cover powerline towers from the list

Delete / Non-tower images

Delete image entries without a raster file from the list

Delete / Missing file images

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