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Convert angles

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Convert angles

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Convert angles command lets you apply a mathematical equation to the image orientation angles heading, pitch, and roll. The modification effects the angles of all or selected images in the active image list.

To convert angles of images:

1. Select Convert angles command from the Images pulldown menu.

This opens the Convert angles dialog:


2. Define equations for the angles.

3. Click OK.

This computes the new values for the image orientation angles.

4. Select Save list or Save list As commands from the Images pulldown menu in order to save the changes into an image list file.



Apply to

Images for which the computation of new angles is applied:

All images - all images in the image list.

Selected images - selected images only. This requires the selection of images in the image list before the command is started.


Equation for modifying the heading angle.


Equation for modifying the roll angle.


Equation for modifying the pitch angle.

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