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Delete / Outside ground

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Delete / Outside ground

Delete / Outside ground command removes images from the active image list that are not located inside the area defined by the ground model in TerraPhoto. It computes accurate coverage areas of images on the ground and makes sure that only those images are removed that do not see enough ground area. Instead of deleting those images from the list, their Tie status can be set to Approved. This excludes images from tie point placement.

To delete overlapping images:

1. Select Delete / Outside ground command from the Images pulldown menu.

This opens the Delete images outside ground dialog:


2. Define settings and click OK.

The application detects the images outside the ground model area and removes them from the image list.

3. Select Save list or Save list As commands from the Images pulldown menu in order to save the changes into an image list file.




Action that is performed:

Delete - an image is deleted from the image list.

Mark as approved - the Tie status of the image is set to Approved.


Name of the camera for which to apply the image removal. Alternatively, images from Any camera can be removed.

Max point distance

Distance between the camera position of an image and points in the ground model within which the ground model points are considered for the process. The usage of points that are far away from a camera position slows down the computation process. This is especially relevant for images seeing the ground from a direction that is much off from vertical.

Must see

Minimum amount of points of the ground model that an image must see in order to being kept in the image list.

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