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Define color corrections

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Define color corrections

Define color corrections command applies color corrections for all or selected images in the image list. Corrections can be applied for red, green, and blue color channels, as well as for intensity, saturation, and contrast values.

The command can be used, for example, to correct systematic color or brightness issues in the raw images, such as color casts in all images of a camera or within a certain time interval. Furthermore, are grid-based brightness correction can be applied to the images. This improves images that are darker towards the image edges/corners and brighter in the center.

See Chapter Color corrections for a detailed description of settings and commands for defining color corrections.

To define color corrections:

1. (Optional) Select Analyze images command from the Utility pulldown menu in order to check a report about average color values, intensity, saturation, and contrast for each image as well as an average value for all or selected images.

2. Select Define color corrections command from the Image pulldown menu.

If thumbnails do not yet exist in the temporary files folder of the mission, the Create thumbnails dialog opens. See Create thumbnails command for more information.

The Define Color Corrections dialog opens:


3. Scroll through the thumbnail list on the right side to get an overview of the image coloring.

4. Select images in the thumbnail list for which you want to apply color corrections. Set correction values and click Apply for each setting.

This updates the display of the thumbnails and writes the correction values into the image list. Continue with step 4 for all images that need color corrections.

5. Select Save list or Save list As commands from the Images pulldown menu in order to save the color corrections into an image list file.

You can check the result of color corrections by choosing Define color points command from the Rectify pulldown menu in the TPhoto window. This creates a preview of the ortho mosaic using the color corrections on-the-fly.

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