Intergeo Digital 2020



Manual Point Cloud Classification using Groups in TerraStereo

Get to know the hardware recommendations for productive processing and how to setup a TerraScan project for manual classification and clean-up process using grouping. Demonstration on how TerraStereo tools makes to work quick and easy and how results can be used to update the TerraScan project.



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Organizing LiDAR Project Data Using Trajectories

Organize and automate your workflows for huge point clouds with TerraScan projects to automate processing tasks. It is a method of dividing the whole point cloud data set into smaller, better manageable parts. Create along trajectories command creates block boundaries along trajectories.



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New Features Overview

New features of Terrasolid software will be presented including released 2020 updates and future plans.



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Airborne strip adjustment with TerraMatch

Airborne laser scanning, including drone applications, produces several overlapping flightlines. To verify the geometric quality of the data sets TerraMatch offers a series of tools. Observations, corrections and adjustments can be analysed statistically and visually produce a reliable point cloud which can be used for further processing. This presentation introduces tools in TerraMatch that can improve the quality of your LiDAR point cloud considerably.



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Point cloud and vector data export to Google Maps with TerraScan and TerraPhoto

Workflow demonstrations on how to:

  • Use TerraScan to share Point Cloud Data using Google Maps
  • Export views of point cloud and vector data with TerraPhoto to be used in Google Maps. The rendered image frames can store location tag in their EXIF-metadata, and any external program supporting this can be used for visualization.



Sharing Point cloud presentation video 

Sharing rendered views presentation

Introduction into Terrasolid software on Spatix platform

The session will include:

  • Technical description, licensing & pricing 
  • Install and run Terra Applications on Spatix 
  • Spatix user interface, file format .spx and exchange formats 
  • Spatix – layers, manipulation tools and CAD file setting 
  • Data import (trajectory and point cloud) 
  • Spatix vector tools and point cloud display possibilities 



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High Quality Large Area Orthophoto production

Visualize laser and image data together in TerraPhoto and produce high quality orthomosaics.

High Quality Orthophotos require a correct ground model, improvement of positioning of the raw images, color corrections and seamlines, and possibly 3D vector models of objects on the surface. Produced orthos can be used to colorize the point cloud.



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Finding and Viewing Potholes and Bumps on a Road using Mobile LiDAR data

Presentation of fully automatic method of finding potholes and bumps on a road using TerraScan.



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Orthophoto generation from mobile images

This presentation shows a workflow to produce road orthophoto from mobile images and Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) data. Orthophos are a great complement of LiDAR data in MLS data capture projects giving better idea of the road condition. Georeferenced orthophotos can be also used in many CAD and GIS systems.



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Terrasolid Software-Ein Überblick

Die Präsentation gibt einen Überblick über Terrasolid Applikationen, die führende Anwendersoftware im Bereich Punktwolken– und Bilddatenverarbeitung. Neben den Softwaremodulen werden auch typische Anwendungsbereiche vorgestellt. Die Präsentation wird in Zusammenarbeit mit der Firma Nebel & Partner, dem Terrasolid Vertriebspartner für Deutschland, angeboten.



Präsentationsvideo – Deutsch

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Creation of Flythru video from mobile point cloud data

Produce animations from point cloud and CAD drawings using TerraScan and TerraPhoto.

  • Prepare your data
  • Define the camera path and visualization options
  • Render a sequence of images
  • Output to a shareable, easily understandable video format



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Matching photogrammetric point cloud to georeferenced LiDAR point cloud

The use of photogrammetric point clouds is rapidly increasing due to increased drone activities. One can improve the georeferencing of such point clouds by matching to an overlapping LiDAR point cloud with verified accuracy. This presentation will give you an introduction to TerraScan tools that can be used for such matching procedure which can improve the geometric quality of photogrammetric point cloud considerably. 



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Powerline Corridor Analysis

TerraScan has several tools which are dedicated to powerline processing. These include classification, vectorization, and reporting tools.

The demo will show classification of laser points, automatic vectorization of wires and detection of danger vegetation along power lines.



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Processing ZebRevo Data using TerraScan and TerraPhoto

This presentation shows how to georeference ZepRevo data using control points and remove noise, classify and colorize the point cloud.



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Coloring mobile laser scanning data with panoramic images

Colorize MLS point cloud with captured images using TerraScan and TerraPhoto. Clean moving objects to improve its visual appearance. Assign artificial color schemes for asphalt and trees to remove shadows and get a natural looking result.



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Ground classification of UAV-based Photogrammetric Point Clouds – Interarial Stage presentation

UAVs are promising platforms for capturing spatial information. They are an affordable solution, which are easy to bring to the surveying field and can operate automatically. Usually these devices are equipped with optical sensors whose data provides 3D information of the field in form of colored point cloud. However, determining the ground level from this data is ambiguous and conventional ground classification approaches that rely only on the geometric information will struggle with the task as they tend overestimate ground level on the top of short vegetation. To overcome this challenge, Terrasolid has developed a new method that includes vegetation index information in computing the distance attribute. The vegetation index distinguishes vegetation hits from the ground points in photogrammetric point clouds even when the real ground level is covered with vegetation. The new processing strategy implemented in TerraScan overcomes limitations of classical ground classification algorithms and provides a new solution to process UAV-based photogrammetric point clouds.



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