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TerraScan User Guide

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Tools pulldown menu

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Tools pulldown menu

Commands from the Tools pulldown menu are used to process loaded laser points or to perform actions based on laser points. There are also commands for opening the macro window, starting addon tools, converting a geoid model, reading in text files for drawing certain types of vector data into the CAD file.



Open toolbars of the TerraScan toolbox


View statistics about points

Show statistics

Open the Macro window

Macro Not Lite

Start an addon tool


Draw bounding box for fitting views

Draw bounding box

Draw points into a profile drawing

Draw into profile

Draw points into alignment cross sections

Draw into sections

Draw polygons around groups of points

Draw polygons

Smooth points

Smoothen points

Remove unnecessary point density

Thin points

Adjust the elevations of points to a geoid model

Adjust to geoid

Extract a local geoid model from a geoid file

Convert geoid model

Transform loaded points into a new projection system

Transform loaded points

Transform a known points file into a new projection system

Transform known points

Check the z accuracy of the point cloud data

Output control report

Assign color values to points

Assign color to points

Assign a distance value to points

Compute distance

Assign a normal vector value to points

Compute normal vectors

Assign color values from images to points

Extract color from images

Assign echo properties to laser points

Extract echo properties

Compare laser points with points from a reference project

Compare with reference

Sort points


Draw building models from text files

Read / Building models

Draw paint markings from text files

Read / Paint lines

Draw poles from text files

Read / Poles

Draw polygons from text files

Read / Polygons

Draw section parameter values from text files

Read / Section parameters

Draw slope arrows from text files

Read / Slope arrows

Draw trees from text files

Read / Tree cells

Draw wires from text files

Read / Wires

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