New Features Presentation & Demos

  • Overview of new features which have appeared in TerraScan, TerraPhoto, TerraMatch, TerraModeler and TerraSlave during the past year
  • Demo of some key capabilities

TerraScan new features PDF

TerraMatch new features PDF

TerraModeler new features PDF

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Spatix Introduction

  • Technical description, licensing & pricing
  • Install and run Terra Applications on Spatix
  • Spatix user interface, file format .spx and exchange formats
  • Layers, manipulation tools and CAD file setting
  • Data import (trajectory and point cloud)
  • Spatix vector tools and point cloud display possibilities
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UAV Lidar Matching

  • Training includes importing, preparing, and matching of UAV Lidar data
  • The goal is to get a georeferenced, homogeneous point cloud with verified quality that can be used for further processing
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Working with open LIDAR data

  • Integration of some commonly available source datasets, some edits and extraction of interesting features for sharing and reporting

Handling Open Data PDF

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TerraSurvey on Spatix

  • Basic mapping tools from TerraSurvey
  • Measurement data outputted as a map and a surface model
  • Current Spatix platform limitations
  • Interoperability with full MicroStation version
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TerraStereo new Features

  • Surfel rendering
  • HSV and intensity based RGB color adjustment
  • Sessions
  • A short group-based editing demo using the new rendering options
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Coloring Mobile Laser Scanning Data Using Panoramic Images

  • Colorize MLS point cloud with captured images using TerraScan and TerraPhoto
  • Clean moving objects to improve its visual appearance
  • Assign artificial color schemes for asphalt and trees to remove shadows and get a natural looking result
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Feature digitization and creation of elevation profile

During the session we will show how to create and add profile information to your cross-country skiing, mountain biking, running, hiking, horse riding etc. tracks.

Tracks will be digitized or draped from 2D to 3D and modified using classified ground points and TerraScan functionality.

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Texturing Building Vector Models and 3DCityDB Storage

  • Importing oblique image data set into TerraPhoto
  • Validating exterior orientation of images
  • Generating texture rasters for building roofs and building walls
  • Storing textured 3D vector models into 3DCityDB
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Counting trees

  • Grouping and classification of forest LiDAR data set
  • Writing out information about trees: position, height, canopy width and trunk diameter
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Detecting Powerlines and Dangerous Vegetation

Processing laser data of power lines, danger object detection:

  • Classification of laser points
  • Automatic vectorization of wires
  • Detection of danger vegetation along power lines
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Rails Detection in ALS Data

Demonstration of railroad track detection using airborne lidar data.

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Orthophoto Generation from Mobile Images

This presentation shows a workflow to produce road orthophoto from mobile images and Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) data.

Orthophos are a great complement of LiDAR data in MLS data capture projects giving better idea of the road condition. Georeferenced orthophotos can be also used in many CAD and GIS systems.

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Creation of Flythru Video from Mobile Point Cloud Data

Produce animations from point cloud and CAD drawings using TerraScan and TerraPhoto.

  • Prepare your data
  • Define the camera path and visualization options
  • Render a sequence of images
  • Output to a shareable, easily understandable video format
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Use of GCPs in Point Cloud Accuracy Improvement and Reports

Possible ways to use ground control points in TerraScan:

  • Check the elevation accuracy
  • Create a report of elevation differences between laser points and GCPs
  • Correct the systematic elevation shift
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Volume Computation

TerraModeler has tools for quantity computation. Those can be utilized to calculate and report the volume between two surfaces and/or based on tunnel or trench sections.

Demo shows the volume calculation of stockpiles.

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Sight Distance Calculation

Using mobile data to analyze line of sight on a road. How to compute driver sight distance forward along the road at regular interval and how to compute sign visibility at regular interval along the road.

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Ground Classification of UAV-based Photogrammetric Point Clouds

Determining the ground level from photogrammetric UAV point cloud data is ambiguous and conventional ground classification approaches that rely only on the geometric information will struggle with the task as they tend overestimate ground level on the top of short vegetation. To overcome this challenge, Terrasolid has developed a new method that includes vegetation index information in computing the distance attribute.

The vegetation index distinguishes vegetation hits from the ground points in photogrammetric point clouds even when the real ground level is covered with vegetation. The new processing strategy implemented in TerraScan overcomes limitations of classical ground classification algorithms and provides a new solution to process UAV-based photogrammetric point clouds.

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