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Macro actions

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Macro actions

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When you click on the Add button in the Macro dialog, the Macro Step dialog opens:


The Action field includes a list of all available macro actions. Depending to the selected action, another dialog may open when OK is clicked or the dialog may be expanded when the action is selected. The settings for the selected macro action are then defined in the next or expanded dialog.

An overview of macro actions is given in the table below. There is a corresponding tool or menu command for many of the macro actions. The following Sections explain only the settings and parameters that are specific for the macro actions. Otherwise, there is a link to the description of the corresponding tool or command.



Apply a classification routine for single points

Classify points

Apply a classification routine for groups

Classify groups

Assign groups to laser points

Modify groups > Assign groups

Fix groups along block boundaries

Modify groups > Fix border groups

Clear group numbers of selected classes

Modify groups > Clear by class

Copy the group attribute from the closest neighbor point

Modify groups > Copy from closest

Split groups by class

Modify groups > Split groups by class

Draw polygons around point groups

Vectorize > Draw polygons

Detect paint markings from point cloud data

Vectorize > Find paint lines

Detect poles from point cloud data

Vectorize > Find poles

Detect overhead wires from point cloud data

Vectorize > Find wires

Create 3D models of buildings

Vectorize > Vectorize buildings

Call an Addon function

Addon command

Adjust misalignment angles

Adjust angles

Apply a TerraMatch corrections file to laser data

Apply correction

Assign a color to laser points

Assign color

Create a surface model in TerraModeler

Create model

Add a comment line to a macro


Compute normal vectors for laser points

Compute normal vectors

Compute parameters of road cross sections

Compute section parameters

Compute slopes on road surfaces

Compute slope arrows

Convert time stamps of laser data

Convert time stamps

Cut off points from long range measurements

Cut long

Cut off points from overlapping lines

Cut overlap

Assign line number from trajectories to laser points

Deduce line numbers

Delete points of certain class(es)

Delete by class

Delete points of certain line(s)

Delete by line

Execute a Windows command

Execute command

Export a lattice model

Export lattice

Extract additional points from waveform information

Extract echoes

Fix the elevation of points

Fix elevation

Execute a key-in command

Keyin command

Adjust color values of points

Modify color

Modify line numbers of points

Modify line numbering

Save points into new files

Output points

Save points into new files separated by line

Output by line

Save points into the original file

Save points

Manipulate intensity values

Scale intensity

Run a tie line search in TerraMatch

Search tie lines

Smooth the elevation of points

Smoothen points

Sort points by time stamps or coordinate values

Sort points

Thin points to a lower density

Thin points

Apply a transformation to the points

Transform points

Update the display of a CAD file view

Update views

Create a section points data set

Write section points

Write points into CAD file

Write to design

Each macro action returns a value that indicates whether a process was successful or failed. The return value can be the amount of points that has been effected by the macro action or another value specifying the result of the macro action. The return value is displayed in the Macro execution window if a macro was executed in TerraScan or it is written in the report text file if the macro was executed in TerraSlave. If a processing step failed, the line in the Macro execution window appears in red color and the return value is usually -1.

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