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Convert from

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Convert from

Convert from command is used to convert system-specific calibration values into TerraPhoto calibration values. Many system providers deliver a document for their camera system that includes the values of the system calibration.

TerraPhoto implements the conversion of several common types of system calibrations:


Riegl VMX



Leica RCD

Trimble MX8


US / Applanix

Pix4d calibration


Sometimes the calibration of other systems contain the same parameters as one of the implemented conversions. Therefore, it is recommended to check the implemented conversions even if the system is from another provider.

The conversion does usually not include the size of the images and the overall orientation of the camera in the system. Only some calibration documents contain a lever arm vector. These values must be set manually in the Camera dialog.

To convert camera values from a system-specific calibration document:

1. Open the Camera dialog.

2. Select Free definition in the Camera field.

3. Define the image size in pixels in the Image width and Image height fields.

4. Select the camera orientation in the Orientation field.

5. If necessary, define the lever arm vector in Lever arm X, Lever arm Y, and Lever arm Z fields.

6. Select Convert from command from the Tools pulldown menu and choose the correct system calibration type.

This opens the Convert Calibration dialog:


The settings in the dialog depend on the selected calibration type. They should be explained in the calibration document delivered by the system provider.

7. Define values and click OK.

This converts the calibration values into TerraPhoto equivalents. The converted values usually need to be improved by following the normal TerraPhoto calibration workflow.

8. Select File / Save or File / Save as commands from the File pulldown menu in order to save the calibration values into a TerraPhoto .CAL file.

The system-specific calibration values can be saved into a text file. Use the Save as command from the File pulldown menu in the Conversion dialog. This creates a file with the extension .CSV. The text file can be opened by the Open command from the File pulldown menu.

For certain camera systems, there is another option for the automatic creation of the camera calibration file(s). More precisely, TerraPhoto is able to import the output files of these camera systems which provide the information necessary for creating the TerraPhoto files. The following system output files are supported:

Lynx system index files - see Import Lynx Survey command.

Pictometry system files - see Import Pictometry Survey command.

Mitsubishi system files - see Tools / Import Mitsubishi cameras command.

Denmark oblique camera files - see Import Denmark oblique command.

Camera calibration files from Pix4d software - see Import Pix4d project command.

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