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Activate Powerline

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Activate Powerline

p_activate_powerlineActivate Powerline tool activates a tower string element for further processing steps.

Most of the powerline processing tools, such as detection of wires, check of catenary attachments, placement of towers as well as labeling and report tools, are applied based on the activated tower string.

To activate a powerline:

1. Select the Activate Powerline tool.

2. Click on the tower string element that you want to activate.


1. Select the tower string element you want to activate.

2. Select the Activate Powerline tool.

This activates the selected tower string. The tower string is displayed as defined in the Powerlines / Active line category of TerraScan Settings. An information dialog shows the number of the activated powerline.

To deactivate a powerline:

1. Select the Activate Powerline tool.

This deactivates any activated tower string element. You can continue with activating another tower string element or with selecting any other tool.

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