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Import accuracy files

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Import accuracy files

Import accuracy files command imports an output file from post-processing software that contains accuracy estimates for each trajectory position. The file includes the RMS values for xyz positions as well as for heading, roll, and pitch angles. It is connected to the trajectory file by the time stamp.

TerraPhoto can import the following accuracy file formats:

Applanix SMRMSG_*.OUT


Riegl .POQ

The RMS values are stored in the binary trajectory files. TerraPhoto stores only four RMS values for each trajectory position: x/y, z, heading, roll/pitch.

The information from the accuracy files is used for computations based on certain tie point types or for drawing trajectories into the CAD file.

To import an accuracy file:

1. Import the trajectory file(s) as described in Import files or Import directory.

2. Select Import accuracy files command from the File pulldown menu.

This opens the Import accuracy files dialog, a standard dialog for opening files.

3. Open the accuracy file delivered by the post-processing software.

This reads the file and connects the RMS values to the trajectory. The values are saved automatically to the binary trajectory files in the active trajectory directory. A dialog informs about the number of positions for which RMS values are available.

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