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Deduce line numbers

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Deduce line numbers

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Deduce line numbers command assigns line numbers from trajectories to images. The assignment is based on the time stamp stored for each image and the time stamps stored for trajectory positions.

The command requires that a trajectory are split into separate lines. This is the normal case for scanner trajectories in TerraScan. Therefore, it is recommended to use TerraScan trajectories for this command in TerraPhoto.

Line numbers for images are required for placing selection shapes in point clouds. They allow to select the image to use inside a selection shape by line number. See Place selection command for point clouds for more information.

To deduce line numbers for images:

1. Use Manage Camera Trajectories tool in order to set a TerraScan trajectory directory as active directory.

2. Select Deduce line numbers command from the Utility pulldown menu.

This assigns the trajectory number as line number attribute to the images. An information dialog shows the number of effected images.

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