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Assign smearing polygons

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Assign smearing polygons

Assign smearing polygons command specifies areas where image pixels are blurred close to image seamlines.

This is useful for places where not only the color changes at image seamlines but also the texture. Examples are water areas with sun reflection or fields with small vegetation under changing light conditions.

To assign smearing polygons:

1. Draw and select polygon(s) with CAD platform tools.

2. Select Assign smearing polygons from the Image pulldown menu.

This opens the Assign smearing polygons dialog:


3. Define a Distance setting and click OK.

This blurs pixels within the defined distance on both sides of image seamlines.

If Force symbology settings are switched on in Selection shapes of the TerraPhoto Settings, it also creates a copy of the original polygon(s) on the CAD file level that is defined for storing Smearing shapes.

4. Update the view using the CAD platform tool to make changes visible.

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