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Display Boundary

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Display Boundary

ds_display_boundaryDisplay Boundary tool draws a boundary shape of a surface model. This can be used to outline the area covered by the surface model.

To display the boundary of a surface model:

1. Select the Display Boundary tool.

2. This opens the Display Boundary dialog:


3. Select the Surface you want to display.

4. Move the mouse pointer inside a view.

The boundaries of the selected surface model are highlighted.

5. (Optional) Select a view with a data click to draw the boundary shape permanently in to the CAD file and/or to fit the view to the surface model.




Name of the effected surface model.

Draw permanently

If on, the surface boundary is drawn as shape into the CAD file when you enter a data point in a view.

Fit view by surface

If on, the software fits the view to the surface area when you enter a data point.

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