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Define Domains

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Define Domains

Not Lite, Not UAV

dom_define_domainsDefine Domains tool opens a dialog for defining domains. The dialog contains buttons for adding new domains, editing a domain, and deleting a domain.


The domain definitions can be saved into a text file or loaded from a previously saved file by using the commands from the File pulldown menu. When you open a CAD file, the software automatically loads the domain definition file that was used last with this CAD file.

For each domain, a single color or a color scheme can be chosen for visualization. If a color scheme is defined, the elevation differences of a surface model within the domain area are represented. Areas for which no specific domain is assigned are displayed using the Default domain settings.

To add or edit a domain:

1. Click Add in the Define Domains dialog.


1. Select a domain definition and click Edit in the Define Domains dialog.

This opens the Domain dialog:


2. Define settings for the domain.

3. Click OK.

The new domain definition is added to the list in the Define Domains dialog or the selected domain is modified.

A selected domain can be removed from the list by using the Delete button in the dialog.




Number of the new domain. The domain number is stored for each triangle in the surface model TIN file if a domain is assigned to it.


A free text that can be used as abbreviation for the new domain.


A free text used as name for the domain.


Name of the surface model that is used for determining the elevation ranges for the color scheme.


Level number for displaying triangles in the CAD file.

Draw contours

If on, contour lines are drawn for this domain. This effects the display of contour lines with Display Contours tool.


Opens the Color scheme dialog which is used to define a coloring scheme. See Creating a color scheme of discrete colors for more information.

Color button

Opens the active CAD file color table for single color selection.

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