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Cut turnarounds

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Cut turnarounds

Cut turnarounds command splits a trajectory into several trajectories that do not overlap themselves anymore. It does not remove any parts of the original trajectory. The following figure illustrates the method:


Original trajectory


Resulting trajectories


Split condition

The method does not require point cloud information since the logic uses the line shape and turn angles of trajectories. A trajectory is cut if the minimum length of a trajectory part is at least 5 times longer than the shortest distance between two neighboring trajectory lines. This split condition is illustrated in the third figure above.

To cut trajectories at turnarounds:

1. (Optional) Select the trajectory file(s) you want to cut in the Trajectories window.

2. Select Cut turnarounds command from the Tools pulldown menu.

This opens the Cut Turnarounds dialog:


3. Define settings and click OK.

This splits trajectories whenever there is a close to 180 degree turn. The application deletes the old trajectory file(s) and creates new files in the active trajectory directory.



Apply to

Trajectories effected by the process: All trajectories or Selected only.

First number

Number of the first additional trajectory that is created by the process.

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