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By best match

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By best match

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By best match routine classifies groups of points into several classes according to object types. For each group, the routine tests the probability that the group represents an object, such as a building roof, a wall, a tree, a pole, and so on. The group is classified as the object that gets the highest probability.

The routine requires that points have been assigned to groups using the Assign groups command or corresponding macro action.




Groups with

Determines which groups are classified:

One or more points - groups with one or more points in the source class.

Majority of points - groups with the majority of points in the source class.

All points - groups with all points in the source class.

From class

Source class from which to classify points.


Opens the Select classes dialog which contains the list of active classes in TerraScan. You can select multiple source classes from the list that are then used in the From class field.

Inside fence

Determines how a fence or selected polygon(s) effect the classification:

Not used - fence or selected polygons are ignored.

One or more points - groups are classified if one or more points are inside.

Average xy - groups are classified if the average xy point is inside.

Majority of points - groups are classified if the majority of points is inside.

All points - groups are classified if all points are inside.

Plane tolerance

Distance how well points of a group must match a plane equation. This effects the classification of groups as roofs and walls. If a group is large enough and fulfills the planarity condition, it's classified as roof or wall. The smaller the tolerance value, the less likely a group is classified as roof or wall.

To classes

If an option is switched on, the routine checks the probability of groups fitting to the object type. If a group fits to an object type, the points of the group are classified into the given target class.

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