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By centerline

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By centerline

By centerline routine for groups classifies points into another class if all points, the majority of points, or just a single point of a group is within a given distance from a linear element.

The linear elements that are used by this routine can be lines, polylines (Spatix) or line strings (MicroStation), arcs, polygons (Spatix) or shapes (MicroStation), big elements (Spatix) or complex elements (MicroStation) consisting valid simple element types.. The classification is performed by using either selected elements or elements on a specified CAD file level.

If multiple elements are used, each laser point is classified according to the offset distance to either the closest linear element or to any of the linear elements. In addition to the horizontal distance, the elevation distance can be included in the classification process.

The routine requires that points have been assigned to groups using the Assign groups command or corresponding macro action.




Groups with

Determines which groups are classified:

One or more points - groups with one or more points in the source class.

Majority of points - groups with the majority of points in the source class.

All points - groups with all points in the source class.

From class

Source class.


Opens the Select classes dialog which contains the list of active classes in TerraScan. You can select multiple source classes from the list that are then used in the From class field.

To class

Target class.


Defines what elements are used:

Selected linear elements - any selected elements in the CAD file. This requires the selection of elements before starting the routine.

Elements by level - any elements that are located on a given CAD file level.


Name of the CAD file level where elements are located that are used for the classification. This is only active if Use is set to Elements by level.

Centerline rule

Determines the reference point(s) within a group:

One or more points - groups are classified if one or more points are within the given distance.

Average xy - groups are classified if the average xy point is within the distance.

Majority of points - groups are classified if the majority of points is within the distance.

All points - groups are classified if all points are within the distance.

Compare with

Determines which linear element effects the classification of a group:

Any line - groups are classified if they are within the distance of any linear element.

Closest line - groups are classified if they are within the distance of the closest linear element.


Side on which to classify groups: On left side, On either side, or On right side. The side is relative to the digitization direction of the linear element.


Minimum and maximum horizontal distance. Groups within the offset range are classified.

By elevation difference

If on, only groups within the given elevation distance range from the linear element are classified. Define the elevation offset in the Dz fields.

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