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Convert time stamps

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Convert time stamps

Convert time stamps command can be used to convert the format of time stamps. Supported conversions are:

GPS seconds-of-week to GPS standard time

Unix time to GPS standard time

GPS standard time to GPS seconds-of-week

Unix time to GPS seconds-of-week

The conversion is necessary, for example, if data collected in several weeks is processed together in one project. Then, GPS seconds-of-week time stamps result in repeated values and GPS standard time must be used in order to provide unique time stamps for each trajectory position. This is a requirement for many processes that rely on trajectory information. Some post-processing software generates data with Unix seconds-of-day time stamps. They must be converted into another GPS time format as well.

It is essential that time stamps of trajectories and images are stored in the same GPS time format.

The command can also be used to manipulate time stamps by multiplication or addition.

To convert time stamps:

1. (Optional) Select trajectory file(s) for which to manipulate angles.

2. Select Convert time stamps command from the Tools pulldown menu.

This opens the Convert trajectory time dialog:


3. Define settings and click OK.

This converts the trajectory time stamps to the new format or computes new time stamp values. The modification is saved to the trajectory binary files in the active trajectory directory. An information dialog shows the number of effected trajectories.



Apply to

Trajectories for which the conversion of time stamps is applied:

All trajectories - all trajectories in the list.

Selected only - selected trajectories only.


Method for computing new time stamps:

Source and target system - conversion between two time systems.

Multiply and add constant - current time stamps are multiplied by the given factor and a given value is added.

Current values

Original time stamp format of the trajectory positions. This is only active if Method is set to Source and target system.

Convert to

Target time stamp format. This is only active if Method is set to Source and target system.

Survey date

Date when the trajectory data was captured. The format is day/month/year (dd/mm/yyyy). This is only active for the conversion from GPS seconds-of-week to GPS standard time.

Multiply by

Factor by which time stamps are multiplied. This is only active if Method is set to Multiply and add constant.


Amount of seconds added to the time stamps. This is only active if Method is set to Multiply and add constant.

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