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Import known points

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Import known points

Import known points reads points from a text file and inserts them as Known xyz tie points. You need to go through the list of images and enter the tie point positions in each image that sees a known point location.

The command recognizes space-delimited text files where each line stores the coordinates of one known point as:

Easting Northing Elevation

Identifier Easting Northing Elevation

To import known points and enter them as tie points:

1. Select Import known points command from the File pulldown menu.

This opens the Import known points dialog, a standard dialog for opening a file.

2. Select the known point text file and click Open.

This reads the known point coordinates from the text file and adds the points as Known xyz tie points to the active tie points. The points are added as empty tie point pixels at the end of the tie points list. Images that see the known point locations are marked with the asterisk character (*) behind the image number in the list of images in the Tie points window.

3. Scroll through the list of images in the Tie points window until you find an image with an asterisk behind the image number. Select the image.

This displays the tie points for the selected image in the lower list box of the Tie points window.

4. Select a Known xyz tie point in the active image in the tie points list.

The location of the tie point in the active image is displayed in the Active detail view and in a secondary image in the Secondary detail view .

5. Select Enter position command from the Pixel pulldown menu.

6. Enter the tie point location with a data click in the active image in the Active detail view.

7. Enter the tie point location with a data click in all other images in the Secondary detail view. Use the <Arrow-down> key or the mouse pointer to select the next secondary image in the tie points window after placing a tie point in one image.

8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 for all known tie points.

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