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Enter position

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Enter position

Enter position command lets you enter the position of a selected tie point pixel. You can use this to enter the position of an undefined pixel or to correct the position of a pixel.

The command is also used to enter the positions of tie points that have been imported using Import known points or Import known lines commands.

To enter position for a pixel:

1. Select the tie point pixel in the lower list of the Tie points window.

2. Select Enter position command from the Pixel pulldown menu.

3. Enter the new position with a data click in one of the detail views. If the selected pixel is in the active image, enter the new position in the Active detail view, if it is in a secondary image, enter the position in the Secondary detail view.

If the position of a tie line is entered or corrected, define the new position with two data clicks.

This sets the new position of the tie point pixel and recomputes the solution point for this tie point.

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