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Export City Model

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Export City Model

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r_export_city_modelExport City Model tool exports selected building models into a standardized text file. The supported file formats are Collada (.DAE), CityGML (.GML), and Trimble Locus (.GML).

The selected building models are either exported into one file or into separate files for each building model (Collada format only). Wall texture files are copied into a separate folder. In addition, textures for roofs can be created from images that are attached as raster references in TerraPhoto’s Manage Raster References window.

To export a city model into text file(s):

1. Select the building model(s) to be included in the export file.

2. Select Export City Model tool.

The Export City Model dialog opens:


3. Define settings and click OK.

This exports the selected building model(s) into the export file(s).




Format of the export file: Collada, CityGML, Locus GML.


Defines how building models are stored in Collada file format:

All into one file - all selected building models are written into one file.

Into separate files - a separate  file is written for each selected building model.

Write surfaces

Method of surface storage in the Collada file format:

As polygons - surfaces are defined as polygons.

As triangles - surfaces are defined as triangles.

Roof slope

Determines what polygons are exported as walls and roofs. Any polygon with a slope smaller than the given value is considered a roof polygon. This is only available if Format is set to Collada or CityGML.

Write roofs

If on, roof polygons are included in the export file.

Roof textures from references

If on, texture files for roof polygons are created from raster references. This is only active if raster files are attached in TerraPhoto’s Manage Raster References window.

Write walls

If on, wall polygons are included in the export file.

Write wall textures

If on, wall texture files are included in the export file and stored in the export folder.


Directory on the hard disk where the output files are stored. Inside this directory, the software creates the /models and /images folders for storing the Collada and texture files, respectively. No additional folders are created for storing CityGML or Locus files.

File name

Name of the output file. The default extension of Collada files is .DAE and of CityGML or Locus files .GML. For Collada files, this is only active if Buildings is set to All into one file.

File prefix

Text added at the beginning of each file name. The name is completed by an increasing number for each building model and the extension according to the selected Format. This is only active for Collada file export, if Buildings is set to Into separate files.

Append selected text to file name

If on, selected text elements are added to the output file names. This is only active for Collada file export, if text elements are selected and if Buildings is set to Into separate files.

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