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Color Points toolbox

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Color Points toolbox

Tools from the Color Points toolbox are used to add, edit, or delete color points, to paint or place selection shapes, and to set images active or inactive. The same actions can be performed by using commands from the Color points menu.

It is required to start the color points mode in TerraPhoto in order to use the tools. The mode is started by using Define color points command from the Rectify pulldown menu in the TPhoto window. This creates a preview of rectified images on the ground model and opens the Color points menu.

See Chapter Color Points and Selection Shapes for more detailed information about color points and selection shapes.





USE tool

Add a single color point


Add Color Point

Add color points and produce clones


Add Clone Color Points

Edit a single color point


Edit Color Point

Delete a single color point


Delete Color Point

Paint a selection shape


Paint Selection Shape

Place a selection shape


Place Selection Shape

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