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View positions

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View positions

View positions command can be used to display the single positions of a trajectory file. The command opens a window that shows the list of positions and for each position the attributes stored in the trajectory file. This may include the time stamp, coordinate values, heading, roll, and pitch values, as well as RMS values.

To view trajectory positions:

1. Select a trajectory file in the list.

2. Select View positions command from the Trajectory pulldown menu.

This opens the View trajectory positions dialog which contains the list of trajectory positions.

To show the location of a trajectory position, select a line in the list of positions. Click on the Show location button and move the mouse pointer into a view. This highlights the selected position with a cross. Place a data click inside a view in order to center the display at the selected position.

To identify a position, click on the Identify button and place a data click close to a trajectory in a view. This selects the line of the position closest to the data click in the View trajectory positions dialog.

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