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Transform command applies a transformation to the coordinates of a trajectory. The transformation can be, for example, a change of the projections system or any other transformation defined in Coordinate transformations / Transformations of TerraPhoto Settings.

To transform a trajectory:

1. Select Transform command from the Tools pulldown menu.

This opens the Transform trajectories dialog:


2. Define settings and click OK.

The coordinates of the trajectory are changed. The modification is saved to the trajectory binary files in the active trajectory directory.



Apply to

Trajectories to transform:

All trajectories - all trajectories in the list.

Selected only - selected trajectories only. This requires the selection of one or more trajectory files in the list before the command is started.


Target projection system for applying a transformation from WGS84 to the given projection system. You can choose from any of the built-in or user-defined projections systems which are set as active in Coordinate transformations / Builtin projection systems, Coordinate transformations / US State Planes, and Coordinate transformations / User projection systems of TerraPhoto Settings.


User-defined transformation to apply. You can choose from any transformation that is defined in Coordinate transformations / Transformations of TerraPhoto Settings.

Adjust heading

If on, the software applies a meridian convergence correction to heading values. The correction is based on the projection system set for WGS84 or the coordinate transformation set for Transform.

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