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Set directory

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Set directory

Set directory command is used to define the active trajectory directory. The software writes trajectory files into this folder during the import process. It loads TerraPhoto trajectory files from a folder if it is set as active directory and files do already exist. Usually, this is the first command you use when you start working with trajectories.

It is good practice to reserve a folder in your project directory structure for storing trajectories imported into TerraPhoto. In some cases, it might be advisable to save a new copy of TerraPhoto trajectories. Then, you would have multiple trajectory directories in a project and change the active directory whenever needed in order to access the correct set of trajectory files.

To set the active trajectory directory:

1. Select Set directory command from the File pulldown menu.

This opens the standard dialog for selecting a folder.

2. Select a folder and click OK.

This sets the active directory to the given folder. TerraPhoto scans the directory. If there are trajectory files in the folder, it reads the header information from each file into memory and displays them in the list.

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