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TerraPhoto User Guide

Zoom to

The resolution options in the Zoom to command apply the respective resolution ratio to a view. The predefined ratios are 1:1 (full resolution), 1:2 (50% of full resolution), 1:4 (25% of full resolution), and 1:8 (12.5% of full resolution).

For viewing many reference images at a small resolution ratio, the display is faster if thumbnails are used instead of the full resolution images. See Create thumbnails command for more information about thumbnails for raster references.

To zoom to a defined ratio:

1. Select a ratio from Zoom to command from the Display pulldown menu.

2. Move the mouse pointer inside a view.

The mouse pointer shows a rectangle indicating the size of an image at the selected resolution ratio.

3. Click inside the view.

This fits the view to display the images with the selected ratio.

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