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TerraPhoto User Guide


Fields command lets you select which attribute columns are displayed for each attached image in the Manage Raster References window.

To select visible fields:

1. Select Fields command from the View pulldown menu.

This opens the View Reference Fields dialog:


2. Select the fields you want to display and click OK.




Directory where the reference image is stored.

File name

File name of the reference image.

File format

File format of the reference image.

Pixel depth

Pixel depth of the reference image.

Origin easting/northing

Coordinate values of the image origin.

Corner easting/northing

Coordinate values of image corner opposite to the origin.

Width/Height in meters

Image width and height in meters.

Width/Height in pixels

Image width and height in pixels.

Tile size

Shows the size of tiles, if the image is a tiled image file.

Position status

Indicates, if the position of the image is defined:

OK - positional information for the image is available.

Undefined - no positional information is available for the image.

Outside - the position is outside the coordinate range defined for the CAD file.

Thumbnail status

Indicates, if thumbnails are available:

OK - thumbnails are available.

No - thumbnails are not available.

Active channels

Numbers of active channels of the reference image.

View list

View numbers for which the display of the image is switched on.

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