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Transfer images

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Transfer images

Not Lite, Not UAV

Transfer images command copies missing images from specified source directories into the image directory that is defined in the mission file. Only images that are contained in the active image list are effected by the process. The images of one camera can be transferred in one process.

The command is useful, for example, if raw images for an entire project are stored on a central server and you want to copy the needed images to your own hard disk for processing a smaller part of the project. You may use the following workflow:

Store all raw images on a server.

Create an image list which contains all images.

Draw a fence around a smaller part you are working on, delete images outside fence, and save the image list into a new file.

Use Transfer images command to copy needed images from the server to your own hard disk for faster access.

To transfer images:

1. Select Transfer images command from the Utility pulldown menu.

This opens the Transfer Images dialog:


2. Select a camera in the Camera list. Only images captured by this camera are transferred.

Image directory line displays the directory which is specified as the image directory for the selected camera in the mission definition. This is the target directory into which the images are copied.

The text below the directory line shows how many raw images are already in the target directory.

3. Click Add to browse for a source directory from where to copy images.

This opens a standard dialog for selecting a folder.

You may continue to step 3 if there are multiple source directories. Use the Remove button in order to delete a source directory from the list.

4. Click Execute to copy the images.

The image files are copied to the target directory. After the process has finished, you should check the text below the Image directory line to make sure that all needed images are copied.

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