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8-Bit Colors dialog

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8-Bit Color scheme definition

8-bit Coloring Scheme dialog:


To change a color scheme, select Remove all command from the Color pulldown menu. This removes the active color scheme. Add a new color from the color table with a data click on the color field. New colors are always added at the lower end of the color scheme which means that the first selected color is for the highest elevation range. Select Remove last from the Color pulldown menu in order to remove the color added last to the coloring scheme.

The elevation values defining the boundaries between two colors can be changed by clicking on the color field in the color scheme or on the number. The Change color at boundary dialog opens where a fixed elevation value can be set. If Auto fit is applied, any fixed elevation values get lost.

A color scheme can be saved into a text file with the ending .CLR. The text file lists the numbers of the selected colors. To save a color scheme, select Save as command from the File pulldown menu. To load a color scheme, select Open from the File pulldown menu.

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