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Find first bad

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Find first bad

Find first bad command finds the first tie point pixel in the list that has a mismatch distance exceeding a given limit. This command is useful when you want to check all tie points with a mismatch distance larger than a certain value.

To find the first bad pixel:

1. Select Find first bad command from the Pixel pulldown menu.

This opens the Find first bad pixel dialog:


2. Define a limit in the Mismatch field. All tie points exceeding this mismatch value are considered as bad tie points.

3. Click OK.

The application finds the first tie point pixel with a mismatch distance exceeding the limit, activates the first image containing this tie point, and selects the bad pixel in the Tie points window. All views are updated in order to show the tie point location.

The tie point search is based on the order in which the tie points have been created. This order is not visible on the screen as the point list shows only those points which are located in the active image.

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