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Trajectory formats

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Trajectory formats

Trajectory formats category defines formats for importing trajectory information from text files. The format definition determines the order of the attributes that are stored in the text file, the delimiter that separates attribute fields, and possibly a character which marks comment lines.

A new format can be defined by using the Add button in the TerraPhoto Settings dialog. An existing format is modified by selecting the format and using the Edit button. A data click on the Delete button deletes a selected format.

You can load an example text file by using the Load example command from the File pulldown menu. With the commands from the View pulldown menu the dialog can be re-sized to enable the import of text files with 8 fields, 10 fields, or 15 fields.




Format name

Descriptive name for the trajectory format.


Character used to separate attribute fields in the text file: Space, Tabulator, Comma, or Semicolon.

Comment char

Character that introduces a comment in the text file. Lines beginning with this character are ignored when information is read from the text file.

No field

Selection of what attribute is stored in the field:

No field - no field definition.

Ignore - the column in the text file is ignored.

Time - time stamps of trajectory positions.

Easting, Northing, Elevation - X, Y, Z coordinates of trajectory positions.

Longitude, Latitude  - longitude, latitude values of trajectory positions.

Heading, Roll, Pitch - misalignment angles of trajectory positions.

Quaternion0...3 - rotation expressed as quaternion values.

X|Y|Z accuracy - accuracy estimates for easting, northing, elevation coordinates.

Heading|Roll|Pitch accuracy - accuracy estimates for heading, roll, pitch angles.

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