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TerraPhoto User Guide

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TerraPhoto is widely used for the production of orthorectified images from airborne imagery. It is specifically written for handling images taken during a laser scanning mission and using the laser data for an accurate ground model. The complete orthorectification process can be performed without having any known points at the site. However, known points can be used to improve the absolute accuracy of the image positions.

TerraPhoto’s approach to orthorectification is simple and accurate. The rectification routine has the following advantages:

Straightforward workflow which directly creates a mosaic of orthorectified rasters.

Triangulated laser ground model follows all terrain features accurately. The software computes an elevation value for each pixel in the ortho image.

Automatic smoothing of color transitions between images as well as several correction methods for color issues in the raw images.

TerraPhoto can further create wall textures automatically from oblique images taken during a flight. The 3D building models required for wall texture rectification have to be available as CAD file elements. They can be produced, for example, by TerraScan building vectorization tools.

Images from mobile systems can be used to calibrate multiple-camera systems, to improve the positioning of the images from several cameras of a system, to rectify images on the ground surface, and to create source data for coloring MLS point clouds.

TerraPhoto can serve as an application for displaying raster images in the background of CAD platform views. The supported file formats include ECW, GeoTIFF, TIFF, BMP, CIT, COT, RLE, PIC, PCX, GIF, JPG, JP2, and PNG raster files. Furthermore, the software is able to produce rendered views and images, as well as fly-through movies. It can also be used to display videos that are taken during a flight or drive session and assigned to the trajectory files.

TerraPhoto is fully integrated with Spatix and CAD platform. The CAD environment provides a huge number of useful tools and capabilities in the areas of view manipulation, visualization, vector element placement, labeling and plotting.

TerraPhoto Lite

TerraPhoto Lite is a light version of TerraPhoto and provides a subset of the functionality of the full version. It can be used to display raster images in the background. It supports all the same raster formats and can convert raster files between some of the formats. It is also able to create rendered views and images.

TerraPhoto Lite provides all the necessary tools for color balancing and for seamline editing as preparation steps for ortho mosaic creation. It does not include the orthorectification tools.

The Function matrix provides complete overview of functionality available in the different TerraPhoto versions.

TerraPhoto UAV

TerraPhoto UAV is another lighter version of TerraPhoto. It is dedicated to users that process only images collected by Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs, also called Drones). UAV systems produce a relatively small amount of images from a low altitude. The UAV version of TerraPhoto is usable for images collected at an maximum altitude of 500 m above ground.

TerraPhoto UAV does not have any capabilites for processing images of mobile ground-based systems.

Missing tools/commands

Import Lynx survey

Import Pictometry survey

Import Mitsubishi cameras

Blur selected polygons

Transfer images

TerraPhoto UAV is available only in a bundle with other Terra UAV applications, such as TerraScan UAV, TerraMatch UAV, and/or TerraModeler UAV.

The Function matrix provides complete overview of functionality available in the different TerraPhoto versions.

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