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Self-paced courses on airborne laser scanning related topics including recorded hands-on software training with course specific data sets.

Photogrammetric point cloud basics

  • Project Setup – TerraScan Settings – Import trajectories – Place blocks – Create project – Import points – Adjust elevation
  • Ground classification – Cut overlap – Classify ground – Classify water – Check and improve classification manually – Check point cloud elevation against control points
  • Above ground features classification – Classify vegetation – Classify buildings
Basics of Airborne LiDAR processing - prerecorded trainingOrganizing LiDAR project data using trajectories - tutorialWorking with (open) Airborne LiDAR data - recorded trainingClassify groups - tutorial

Enhancing the quality

  • Importing, preparing, and matching LiDAR data
  • Strip adjustment
  • Checking the elevation accuracy
  • Creating a report of elevation differences between laser points and GCPs
  • Correcting the systematic elevation shift
Introduction to TerraMatch with two use case examplesMatching UAV lidar data - webinar recordingAirborne LiDAR Strip Adjustment using TerraMatch - webinar recordingUse of GCPs in Point Cloud Accuracy Improvement and Reports - webinar recording

Processing mobile point cloud data

Processing powerline point cloud data

Processing UAV LiDAR point cloud data

Creating digital twins

Photogrammetric point cloud processing

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