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Is there a maximum check-out time for licenses beyond what is set in the License Server settings? E.g., can I set check-out times of 365 or more days?
It is not recommended to allow long check-out periods for network licenses.
In general, server licenses for one major version are valid until 31st of March of the year following the release of the major version (e.g. version 014 is valid until March, 31st, 2015). If you request a license for more days then the number of days until next 31st of March from the server, the license will be valid on the client computer until the expiration date of the longest-lasting free license on the server. The reason behind the yearly changing major version number is that customers must have a maintenance agreement in order to update to the next major version. Without renewing the maintenance agreement, customers get node-locked licenses for their latest software version after their network licenses expired.

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