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I can not check out licenses because of connection problems between License manager and License server software.
There are a few rules to follow strictly in order to setup License server and License manager successfully:

  • Install License Server/Service and License Manager software directly on the PC acting as server and with administrator permissions (Right mouse click on setup.exe file > Run as administrator). It is not enough to just copy the applications' .exe files into the target folder.
  • By default, the License Server is installed into the terra installation directory, /pool0XX, where XX is the major version number of the software. This is the same folder in which the license files must be stored. The License manager is installed into the terra installation directory, /license. You should not change the name of the default target folders. The terra installation directory is up to you.
  • In the Windows Explorer, check in Network category if the PC/laptop running License Manager can "see" the server machine. Only if the computers can "see" each other in the network, the communication is successful.
  • Define settings in the License Server, File > Settings:
    • Choose an Access code and a maximum duration time for license check out (small amount of days recommended).
  • Define settings in the License Manager, File > Settings:
    • Choose the Server from the selection list or type the name of the server machine. If you click on the >> button and there are no available PCs in the selection list, the software does not find any potential server machines in the Windows network.
    • Type the same Access code as defined in the License Server settings. Make sure that the typing of server name and access code are correct. The values are case-sensitive.
  • After changing settings in the License Server or after copying new license files to the /pool0XX folder on the license server machine, you must restart the License Server/Service. You can restart the service in the Windows Services window or by restarting the PC. Changes in settings will be recognized by the License Service only after a restart. New licenses will be available for check out only after a restart.
  • In the License manager, check View > Server state. Select the correct major version of the software in the Version field. Set Information = Overview. The window should now show the number of available licenses on the server.
Please double-check all the above points in case of connection problems before contacting Terrasolid support or sales.
More information about the License Server/Service and Manager setup process

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