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License Management

Questions related to Terrasolid license server and manager setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can License Manager on a PC/laptop that is located outside our local area network (LAN) connect to the License Server?  
  2. Does the user always have to use License Manager to check-out a license or does the software automatically request it if needed?  
  3. How do I implement pool licenses?  
  4. How I can return licenses to the server if my PC get broken or if the client - server connection gets interrupted for some reason?  
  5. I can not check out licenses because of connection problems between License manager and License server software.  
  6. If you close the License Server application dialog, does this shutdown the server?  
  7. Is it possible to run two versions of License Server on the same server machine?  
  8. Is there a maximum check-out time for licenses beyond what is set in the License Server settings? E.g., can I set check-out times of 365 or more days?  
  9. We have installed the License Server on our mainframe server. Why does it stop working when the operator logs out from the mainframe server?  
  10. When do I need License server and manager software?  
  11. When I check out licenses, the License Manager dialog displays license status 'invalid'.  
  12. When I run setup.exe from license_server.zip, an error message appears: 'File % was not found'.  
  13. Where do I get License Server and Manager software?  
  14. Which network port (TCP/UDP-number) is used by License Server/Manager for communication?  
  15. Why are new network licenses not available for check out after copying the license files into the /pool0XX folder?  
  16. Why does the Manager display 'Bad access code' if I try to check-out licenses although the access code is correct?  
  17. Why is TerraSlave x64 complaining about a missing license but TerraSlave x32 is working with the same license file?  

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