Terrasolid APAC Training Event 30th of May to 1st of June 2022 Singapore

Learn and discover the latest software updates and new data processing workflows available for airborne, mobile and UAV point cloud data.

About this event

Terrasolid Ltd., the global market leader in point cloud and image processing software, proudly invites all users and prospects of the Asia-Pacific region to register and participate at the 2022 Terrasolid APAC Training Event, a 3 consecutive day session hosted on-site in Singapore.

Detailed Agenda | All times listed in GMT+8

30 MAY

  • 8:30AM – 12PM: Checking Building Footprint Polygons Using Airborne LIDAR Data

Tools for checking existing building footprint polygons against airborne LIDAR data. Tools make it possible to find and optionally fix footprint polygons which are not matching roof hits.

  • 1PM – 5PM: New Features & Classifying Above Ground Groups

Quick overview of key new features in Terra applications during the last two years as presentations and demos. Hands-on-training on classifying above ground features using grouping. Training will be run using fixed wing aircraft LIDAR data.


  • 9AM – 12PM: Processing DJI L1 Drone LIDAR Data

Wizard based processing of DJI L1 LIDAR data. Training steps go thru complete processing of the point cloud resulting in a classified point which has been matched to signaled control points. Resulting point cloud will be classified into ground, low vegetation, roof, roof structure, tree, vegetation, pole and car.

  • 1PM – 5PM: Processing Photogrammetric Point Clouds

Classification workflows for Pix4D and for Agisoft Metashape point clouds using macros and some interactive work.


  • 9AM -12PM: Mobile Matching

Mobile project setup, matching to control, matching drive passes to each other, cutting overlap and classification. Training data set is a Trimble MX9 road survey.

  • 1PM – 5PM: Vectoring Paint Markings and Paint Lines

Vectorizing paint markings and paint lines in mobile data.




Registration for a single day is possible. No prior experience with Terrasolid software is required for sessions on day 2. Following of a prerecorded session on Terrasolid’s GotoStage channel is recommended to join day 1 with no prior experience with the software. For more information please contact sales@terrasolid.com

Registration fee includes together with the participation, 2 coffee breaks and a daily lunch only. If you need accommodation please visit https://www.swissotel.com/ for more information.

Participants should bring their own notebook computers. Minimum memory requirement is 16GB RAM – recommended configuration is 32GB RAM.

You can run the training steps on Connect Edition Bentley software e.g. Microstation or on Spatix CAD. If you run on Bentley, you can request an evaluation from Terrasolid at sales@terrasolid.com a few days before the event. We will provide installation of Terra Applications together with temporary licenses.

If you run on Spatix, you don’t need a license of your own. We will provide a setup package for Spatix, Terra Applications and required temporary licenses.


The safety and health of our guests and team have the highest priority. We will take all precautions and measures required by the WHO and the local government while providing an event.

Should the pandemic force us to change plans, we will react flexibly and inform the registered guests immediately. In case of an event cancellation, we will notify you at least one week ahead of the conference and provide a full refund of the registration fees.