Training Data Sets

The data sets provided for download are for your self-training. Due to the file size of the zip-archives, the download may take some time.

Basic Training for Airborne LiDAR Data and Images

Training data set:

Data courtesy of Blom Group and City of Jyväskylä, Finland

Laser data collected in 2011, about 17 points/m²
Images collected in 2012 with a 5-camera system, image size 5616 x 3744 pixels

raw laser data and trajectory, image files of vertical camera,
camera calibration and exterior orientation files, dgn-file (about 1.1 GB)

image files of oblique cameras
(only needed for wall texture creation) (about 2 GB)

Extract the archive first into a folder 'basic_training'. It contains another zip-archive,, which should be extracted into a folder 'laser_raw' under 'basic_training'. If you want to use the images of oblique cameras, extract the archive into a folder 'images_oblique' under 'basic_training'.

Note, that the data set for download covers a smaller area than the data shown in the basic training animations.

Calibrating Data from Airborne and Mobile Systems

Airborne laser data calibration using tie lines:

Data courtesy of Blom TopEye, Sweden

raw laser data and trajectory, dgn-file (9.4 MB)

Lynx Scanner Calibration:

Data courtesy of Optech, Canada

raw laser data and trajectory, dgn-file (363 MB)

Lynx Camera Calibration:

Data courtesy of Teccon, Belgium

image files, input files for TerraPhoto, prepared data for TerraScan (2 GB)

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