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Volume Calculations

Planning and construction of buildings, roads, earthwork projects, and mining requires information of volumes and masses of soil. Laser scanning is a fast, accurate and cost-effective way to gather geo-referenced 3D information of the shape of the ground. LiDAR data can be aquired by scanning from an aeroplane or a helicopter or even from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or by a static terrestrial scanner standing on a tripod.

Laser scanning provides a 3D cloud of points that is classified by TerraScan as ground and non-ground. Ground points can be used as an input for creating a 3D model of earth's surface with TerraModeler. TerraModeler provides tools for calculating volumes and masses based on the 3D model. By comparing surface models captured at different points of time, the erosion and accumulation (cut and fill) of material can be monitored and documented.



quantity calculation of a planned excavation


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