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Tunnel Scanning

Conditions under ground are not the most suitable for conducting measurements: it might be dark, damp, and dusty. You can't do measurements during active construction work but on the other hand, the the work can not be stopped for very long time for survey. Yet while constucting new underground spaces or maintaining the old ones, there are many applications that require accurate information of the precise dimensions of the tunnel: the thickness of the cement surface layer sprayed on the rock face must be monitored, strucutural discontinuities need to be evaluated and documented, rock mass and the surface analysed, deformations and seepage must be kept eye on, as well as construction quality needs to be monitored.

Terrestrial static or mobile laser scanning offers the fastest, safest and most accurate way of gathering data for these tasks. LiDAR requires no external light and the equipment is robust enough to cope the underground conditions. Static scanners are portable and mobile scanner can be mounted on a car or train or other vehicle. They produce a dense 3D point cloud with high speed. Modern positioning systems provide accurate and reliable positioning even during quite long GPS outages. Surveying railway or motorway tunnels can be conducted with mobile scanner without disrupting the traffic flow or placing personnel at risk in the middle of traffic.

Laser scanning produces a dense 3D point cloud depicting the surface of the tunnel walls as well as all objects inside the tunnel. Most scanners also provide intensity information for each point, thus giving information of the geological stucture and the surface material of the wall. Additionally, in TerraMatch the intensity information can be utilized in combination with bright control signals for mobile scan line matching purposes. More data can be collected by taking accompanying visual-light-based camera images at the same time.


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