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Railway and Tram Survey

A mobile LiDAR sensor can quickly acquire geo-referenced 3D spatial data on railway or tram infrastructure from a sensor platform mounted on a railroad engine, rail car, or tram without putting people into danger or disrupting the normal traffic along the tracks. The resulting point clouds meets high-accuracy requirements and provides detailed and accurate spatial information of tracks, overhead wires, platforms, bridges, tunnel roofs, and other surrounding structures. Matched and classified with Terrasolid software, the point cloud itself or vectorized objects can be utilized in many tasks of engineering, maintenance, planning, and construction.

Information derived from the point cloud of a railway environment may include, for example:

  • location of the rails and overhead wires
  • derive railway alignment geometry for design tasks
  • line-of-sight analysis
  • object detection within specified clearance profiles
  • danger object detection along the railway
  • detection of railway furniture objects, such as sleepers, switches, signs, poles, towers, noise protection walls, etc.

View results of railway vectorization in a short animation:
Terrasolid (2014): Rails, wires and geometric components


Case study Helsinki Tram Network

Terrasolid conducted a R&D project in 2011 that included the scanning and data processing of the complete tram network of Helsinki. Laser data and images were acquired using the SteetMapper System mounted on top of a tram. Read more about the project's objectives, data processing, results and conclusions in
Mika Salolahti (2012): Helsinki Tram Survey Project. LiDAR News, 4th of June, 2012.


tram rail and wire detection


RGB-colored point cloud
of a railway




potential danger objects


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